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The Cinque Terre has 18 kilometers of coastline ,that have been beautifully preserved due to forbidden ,excessive housing ,development. The coastline consists of 5 little villages ,set into the rocks ,between the beach and the hills. You can swim, enjoy authentic Italian food and wine, go for relaxing walks along ,century old ,paths ,that wind ,100's of feet, above the sea .Through chesnut woods and olive groves. We highly recommend the boat trips off the Cinque Terre ,where you can disembark at any of the 5 villages ,and you can see the true beauty of the coast. It also takes the stress out of driving, and parking ,as it can be difficult to park in the smaller villages.  The Cinque Terre "Five lands"  are :


Monterosso al Mare ,which is the biggest village of the Cinque Terre. It has a beach, a castle and a ,17th century ,monastary containing some valuable works of art.


Vernazza ,is dominated by the round tower and by the ruins of the medieval fortifications. It has a small harbour next to the village square.


Corniglia ,stands near the main road ,over a rocky cliff ,dropping to the sea. It is famous for it's vineyards and olive groves.


Founded during the 12th century, Manarola ,probably ,is the most characteristic village of the Cinque Terre. The old church of San Lorenzo is in baroque style. 


Riomaggiore ,is Village no. 5.  It also has a little harbour which is beautifully lit up at night, probably ,the most popular village for people to relax at night and have a meal.


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